Advantages of the Utorrent portable

Utorrent – the most popular program designed to download various files at high speed. Utorrent portable is a portable analogue that has one and the most important difference from the regular version of the program – it does not require installation on a computer. It can be copied to other removable media.

Now the owners of computers can not worry about overloading the hard drive, it’s time to portable programs. How do they function?

The portable version of Utorrent has the form of an ordinary .exe file, which can be stored on any flash-drive, in absolutely any folder on the computer itself and even on the phone. This is quite convenient, since you will always have a program for downloading at hand, especially if the installation of unlicensed products is prohibited on your work computer, and the work must be completed.

To run the program, you need to connect the drive to the computer, or open the folder and simply open this file. The developers of this version of the program made sure that all the features of the work of a regular stationary program were available in a portable version. Also, the portable program is equipped with a language pack, so the need for additional installation of the localizer is excluded. And the most important thing is that advertising is disabled in the portable version of Utorrent.

After the completion of the work of Utorrent portable, there will be no traces of the program activity on your computer, all activity products will remain on the flash-drive.

As a result, we have the same program, but at the same time unload the hard drive of our computer.

Two disadvantages of this version of the program are the limitation of download speed, especially if your home Internet has low speed and very serious “brakes” of the torrent client if you download a large file from the Internet directly to a USB flash drive with portable- installed version of this program.