Correcting the error “It seems like uTorrent is already running”

Active users of the uTorrent program often face the problem “It seems like uTorrent is already running”. A typical PC user often gets this error when starting a torrent client and the reasons for this can be varied, but the solution to the problem is quite simple.

 Most often, this error occurs due to the restart of the program, however, it may pop up for other reasons:

  • there was a conflict between some of the utilities installed on the PC and the uTorrent program itself, because of which the latter was unable to fully start for the first time;
  • rarely such an error may occur if a torrent client itself fails;
  • when Windows worked incorrectly, the uTorrent download process was suspended and the software had to be restarted;

There are several simple and effective ways for the error window to disappear and to download the required file:

  1. Just restart your computer.
  2. Update torrent. It may be that the used torrent has the old version, and after the update, everything will again work like a clock.
  3. Complete the process. To call the task manager window, hold down the Ctrl + Esc + Shift keys, select a torrent and stop its work .

   Hopefully our advice helped you eliminate the error “It seems like uTorrent is already running” and your uTorrent works again.