Error in uTorrent disk overloaded 100%

One of the reasons for the error is that the disk is overloaded 100% in uTorrent – there may be an overload of the hard disk on your computer. Simply put, HDD can not cope with the amount of stored information. A cache is used to process received and outgoing data. Its improper configuration can affect disk overload.

Active siders and personalities should remember a few points:

  • Saving and distribution of files should occur from a disk free from the operating system.
  • Watch the amount of RAM, the more it is, the less likely an overload of uTorrent disk cache.
  • When using a torrent client, disable the Windows paging file.

Methods for resolving 100% disk overload error

The first solution method is based on proper caching settings. Open the window with the parameters shown in the picture below. Pay attention to the marked item. If it is not ticked (that is, it is inactive), this means that the client cannot independently set the optimal settings. This causes a cache overload. Activate this parameter and set the required number of megabytes. The optimal cache size can only be determined manually. The default value is 128 MB, if after starting the client the error Disk is overloaded 100% – it did not disappear, increase the size by another 128 MB. The maximum value is half the amount of RAM. 

The essence of this option is an artificial limitation of the speed of downloading and transferring files to uTorrent. To execute a command, right-click on each process and select the “Speed ​​Priority” item. At what specific value will reduce the load on the hard disk – hard to say. It all depends on the performance of the PC. As in the previous version, the parameters should be reduced gradually. 

If the previous solutions did not cope with the problem and the disk cache overload in uTorrent is still troubling, you should increase your PC performance: add another HDD or add more RAM.