FlylinkDC is an open source torrent client that is freely distributed on the Direct Connect network. Now you can forget about the long search for the necessary file on the Internet, the software will help to download or distribute any multimedia content (movies, music, programs, images and much more). You can take advantage of the program right now, because anyone can download FlylinkDC for free.

The principle of operation of FlylinkDC is based on the mutual exchange of information between users. Installing a torrent client on your computer, you must open at least partial access to the contents of the PC. Since file sharing occurs directly, the download speed in FlylinkDC is much higher than in other torrent clients.

FlylinkDC features

  • Automatically connect to favorite hubs.
  • Thanks to autosave, the settings will not get lost even after an emergency shutdown of the computer.
  • Custom Autoban system allows you to prohibit downloads for users who do not fall under certain criteria.
  • Convenient search engine allows you to filter the results, so that you quickly find the desired file. If the film is found in several people, the download speed will increase.
  • The entire program, including menus and settings, in Russian.
  • To chat with other users there is a general chat.
  • Intellectual adjustment of parameters after installation will offer to choose a city and provider, after which you should only specify a nickname and set the size of the balls (files for free download).
  • Regular updates occur without registration on the official site of FlylinkDC, immediately after they appear on the network.
  • Torrent client works with these formats: MPEG-4, MPEG, ASF, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, OGM, OGG, MKV, DV, WAV, FLV, FLAC, MXF and others.

Before downloading FlylinkDC, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements put forward by developers and compare them with the characteristics of your PC. If these parameters do not match, the program may malfunction.

FlylinkDC system requirements

  • Continuous internet connection.
  • At least 15 MB of free hard disk space.

* Files provided for download are available free of charge and without registration.

FlylinkDC ++Windows 1032-bit (x86), 
64-bit (x64)
FlylinkDC ++Windows 8.132-bit (x86), 
64-bit (x64)
FlylinkDC ++Windows 732-bit (x86), 
64-bit (x64)
FlylinkDC ++Windows xp32-bit (x86), 
64-bit (x64)
FlylinkDC ++Windows vista32-bit (x86), 
64-bit (x64)