How to completely remove uTorrent from computer

There are several options for removing uTorrent from your computer. Consider the most standard ways to get rid of this program forever.

Method number 1

To complete the deletion in the standard way, the user needs to go to the “Control Panel”, which opens through the “Start”. In the list that appears, you will see the item “Uninstall Programs” (for Windows 7 – “Programs and Features”) where you need to go.

You will see a list of programs in which you find and select uTorrent, then click the “Delete” button. The OS will automatically ask the question: “Do you really want to remove this program?”. If you really want to do this, click the “Yes” button. After these steps, the computer will start removing uTorrent.

If when you try to remove a program in the standard way, the computer gives an error or reports that you do not have sufficient rights to delete uTorrent, then you need to use another algorithm of actions.

Method number 2

Before you delete uTorrent in this way, make sure that the program is closed and it is not in the Windows tray. Next, go to the “Explorer”, where in the address bar you write the following:% AppData% / utorrent. After that, pressing the “Enter” button will take you to the folder where you need to find the file “uTorrent.exe”. Select this file and go to its “Properties”. In the window that appears, click the “Security” button, and then click “Advanced.”

In the new window, the “Owner” will be indicated, and opposite to his name in blue, the “Change” item is highlighted. Click on it, and you are transferred to a new window. There, select the “Advanced” button and you will be available to search for the name of your account. You will see the “Search” button, which also needs to be clicked, to start the search. Upon its completion, a list of names will appear, yours will be at its beginning. Choose your name and click “OK”. Two more windows will appear, in which you also click “OK”.

You return to “Security” and click “Change” there. In the new window, select the “Groups or users” item and then select all the accounts in strict order one after another, marking them in the “Allow” column with checkboxes. In case any record is not active, leave it alone and continue to successively mark others. After clicking “OK” and proceed to the standard removal method described above. The second method is suitable for those cases when Windows makes it clear that you do not have enough rights to delete uTorrent.

If none of the methods helped you deal with this issue, then you can resort to additional programs that will need to be installed on your device.