How to remove the error “the previous volume is not mounted” in uTorrent

Users of one of the most popular torrent clients uTorrent sometimes encounter a problem when they don’t download any torrent they’ve previously started downloading successfully, and the software itself gives an error message “the previous volume was not mounted”. The picture below just shows the error and how it looks (the download state is highlighted in red) in the interface of the program itself:

What is the cause of such an error and how can it be solved?

In fact, the reason is simple – between download sessions, someone changed the way to save the downloaded files, which is registered in the program settings. In other words, if uTorrent previously downloaded all the files in the Downloads folder, then now it loads them, for example, on a USB flash drive or in another folder in which it cannot find already downloaded parts of the file to the address specified in the settings.

To check the file downloading path, do the following: open the uTorrent program and bring up the software settings window by pressing the “Ctrl + P” keys, then go to the “Directories” tab and check if everything is fine with the file upload way.

In the picture above, no field is active – this means that the program downloads all the files in the “Downloads” folder.

Another reason why you can get the error “the previous volume is not mounted”, even if the way you need is specified in the settings, is that someone just put the folder for downloading torrents in the trash or deleted it completely from the hard drive. In this case, of course, it will be necessary not only to recover deleted files, but also to change the boot path, as described above.