How to speed up the download of torrents in uTorrent

Among the huge number of users, few are left who do not know why torrent clients are needed. The best way to replenish your video and audio collection at the moment is difficult to find. However, working with p2p-networks has its drawbacks – unstable download speed. Its proper setting depends on a variety of reasons. Next, we will analyze how to increase the download speed of Torrent and you can configure the system for stable operation.

Setting the maximum download speed in uTorrent

In order to increase the download speed, you should conduct small local checks both in the client itself and in the operating system itself:

  • Do not forget to remove the speed limit. You can go to the settings by clicking on the “gear” and selecting the fifth line from the top in the window that opens. The value opposite the item indicated in the picture below should be equal to “zero”. 
  • Disable all programs that work through an internet connection (email agents, rss-subscriptions, isq-agents). Torrent speed can fall precisely because of them.
  • Check and turn off the auto-update function in all applications for a while. The program may not inform you about the started download, but this will immediately affect the speed of downloading files in uTorrent.
  • Disable the Windows Firewall and install a free firewall.
  • It is possible to reach the maximum speed after disabling the antivirus, since constant checking of incoming traffic adversely affects downloads.
  • You should not use the forced start option, it will not help to increase the speed, but will only add the number of downloaded torrents, which will increase the download time for each file (the number of downloads increased, and the channel width remained the same). This function will bring great benefits to users who distribute content and want to put a new distribution out of turn. 

How to speed up file uploading to uTorrent via tracker

One of the reasons why the torrent slowly shakes – there may be a problem on the selected tracker.

  • The download can complete faster if the number of distributors will be the users of your provider. To resolve this issue, create a topic on a provider or city forum about a request to become a distribution for those who have this torrent.
  • Low speed when downloading torrent files may appear due to the large number of people willing to get a new movie. Wait until the first distribution is downloaded by other users and will raise the ratio of siders and leeders at least 1: 1.
  • Check the rating of your account, if it fell to a critical point, then the only way out is to put available torrents for distribution and wait until it rises.