Low download speed from torrent

Low speed in the torrent can be the result of many reasons: incorrect settings of the torrent client, restriction of the tariff plan of the provider or firewall, uneven number of watches and liches, a blocked Internet channel and much more. Let’s try to deal with these problems step by step.

Low download speed from torrent: reasons and solution

First you need to check the connection speed according to the tariff of the Internet provider. Do not confuse kilobytes / megabytes and kilobits / megabits. All existing providers as well as meters measure the readings in bits, and the torrent clients in bytes. 1 byte is 8 bits. So if the tariff speed is 20 Mbps, then for the client the maximum will be 2.5 Mb / s. You can find out the exact data from the provider, or measure it yourself using the Speedtest service or another similar one. Please note that Internet providers very often limit exactly torrent traffic, but, unfortunately, they are not always honestly admitted.

Due to an incorrectly configured client, there can also be a very slow download speed. More information about setting up the download can be found here . Also make sure that the program has “SuperSid” mode turned off (to do this, click on the task with the right mouse button and select the “Properties” item).

The ratio of seeders and peers is another parameter that affects the duration of the download. If there are participants from both groups in the distribution, but the download time only increases, it means that the litchi did not download the file completely and stopped downloading it. Not all users can be displayed on the tracker or in your profile, as the IP filter can block them.

As mentioned above, some providers block P2P traffic and hide it in bad faith. You can solve this problem by enabling protocol encryption by checking the checkboxes as shown in the picture. However, this method of increasing download speed does not always help.

If in uTorrent low speed appeared when the download was completed at 99%, then the only way out is to delete the task and download the file again. If these actions are useless – the torrent file in the distribution should be perezalit.

If the download speed in uTorrent drops, and all the above parameters are set correctly, try increasing the speed yourself .