What is a torrent and how to use it

Torrent is a popular file-sharing system, with which you can download your favorite movie, song, video clip or game. It is based on the principle of P2P networks and the BitTorrent protocol. In this article, we will tell you as much as possible what a torrent is and how to use it, so after reading it the phrase “download on a torrent” will not cause you to be perplexed.

Basic terminology in the torrent system

Understanding the following terms is important, because when working with this system, you will come across them more than once:

  • BitTorrent is a protocol used for data exchange. The principles of the P2P peer-to-peer network use torrent clients and torrent trackers, so that all participants in the process have the same rights.
  • Torrent client is a program necessary for file sharing using the above protocol. At the moment there are many torrent clients, some of which you can see on our website .
  • Torrent tracker is a server that manages file sharing between different torrent clients. In fact, this is a site where you can choose multimedia content available for download. Here, statistics of downloaded data are kept, and some trackers introduce restrictions that do not allow downloading data to users who do not participate in file sharing.
  • A torrent file is a small document that stores data about the file you need. To download the desired content, you should download this document and open it through a torrent client on your computer.
  • Distribution – a set of files stored and distributed in one set through a torrent. It may consist of a single file or an entire archive.
  • Rating – these are indicators of your account on the tracker, they vary in accordance with the proportion of files shipped / downloaded. A low or negative rating may prevent you from downloading from this tracker.
  • Feast – user involved in the exchange of torrents.
  • Sid – a participant in the process that provides data for distribution.
  • The lich is the participant uploading the distribution. After the torrent is fully loaded, it turns into a sid.

How to install torrent client

If you do not know how to use a torrent, then the torrent client is hardly installed on your computer. To get started, you should select one of the programs provided on the site and download to PC. Among the many applications of this type, uTorrent is the most popular. It is very easy to install and use, because we recommend it.

Find a suitable torrent tracker

As a first try you can use rutor.org . This tracker does not require registration, users should not worry about their rating, so for beginners it is very easy to master. To search for a distribution of interest, enter its name in the appropriate field, click “Enter” and all existing results will appear on the screen. Choose one of the distributions, read its description and click on the top line if everything suits you.

How to use uTorrent to download a file

If you have already downloaded the torrent file to your computer, it should be opened with the help of the client (this is done with the usual double click). The program will offer to choose a folder for storing media files, then you must click “Ok.” After this action, a green indicator appears in the main window of the program, indicating that the download has begun and its status. You can find the downloaded file at the address indicated at the beginning of the process.

As you can see, learning to use the torrent is not so difficult as it seemed at the beginning!