What is better BitTorrent or uTorrent?

Due to the variety of multimedia content, torrent trackers are very popular. Users can download their favorite movies, replenish their audio collection and play popular games. To work with these services require torrent clients, the number of which is also growing every year. However, there are two “giants” who confidently lead among all the others. The fact that BitTorrent is better or uTorrent, you can decide by reading the advantages of each.

BitTorrent vs uTorrent comparison

Both clients have a nice interface, which even a not very experienced user can deal with. In the general access, it is easy to find Russified versions or download for the English edition crack.

Free versions of applications contain ads that are easily disabled by changing settings. Paid ones are pleased not only by the lack of advertising modules, but also by the built-in antiviruses, players and file conversion.

Both clients consume the minimum amount of system resources, so you can install them on not very powerful computers.

The main advantages of uTorrent:

  • Protocol encryption makes the user’s actions as inconspicuous as possible for search engines.
  • The client operates on all operating systems and devices, including smartphones and tablets (these versions have a built-in player to play downloaded media files).
  • Many developers have taken uTorrent functionality as a basis for their torrent clients.
  • Manage jobs and download files on a schedule.

The main advantages of BitTorrent:

  • One of the very first customers worldwide.
  • Fast synchronization with various devices.
  • Integrated search engine BitTorrent allows you to find files on trackers without leaving the working area of ​​the program.