What is the return in the torrent client uTorrent

Correct work with the torrent client is provided only if you know the notation and terms found on the trackers. We are talking about feasts, sidah, downloads, etc. In this article, we will talk about what is the return in the torrent and what it can affect.

When exchanging information using the BitTorrent protocol, each user who uploaded the file will remain on the distribution until he removes all data about himself from the tracker. By becoming Sid, you allow other people to download the necessary content faster. Since the impact affects the speed of downloads, some unscrupulous users after a full file upload – stop their distribution, not allowing to increase the number of seeders. To prevent this, a kind of fraudulent practice, some torrent trackers introduce restrictions: a certain proportion should be maintained between the amount of downloaded and distributed files.

How to increase the speed of return in the torrent

Slow upload speed in uTorrent can cause slow data transfer, as a result, it can be very difficult to achieve a certain ratio of received and transmitted information on a tracker. Moreover, it is these parameters that form a positive user rating.

Several ways to increase the return in the torrent:

Right-click (RMB) on the distribution and in the context menu that appears, select the command “Priority speed / Return speed / Unlimited”. Repeat the action for all downloaded torrents.

Call the settings window using the combination CTRL + P. Find the “Speed” item there and in the “General Return Limit” section, set zero values. At the very bottom of the window near the parameter “Maximum number of connections” you must put the value 200, and the connected peers for one torrent must be at least 50.

Open the tab “Queue” and set the “bird” near the command “Priority hands before downloads.”

Disable all applications that consume Internet traffic. Most of the outgoing channel “clog” video conferencing, chat rooms, online games. Do not overload the incoming channel!

The speed depends on the number of users downloading from you. To quickly raise the rating – lay out to distribute popular, but rare files!