Why the torrent does not download

This material will be useful to many users. If you often use the uTorrent torrent client , then you know that the download process does not always go quickly and smoothly. We will try to figure out why the torrent does not download, and propose several solutions to this problem.

There are three main reasons for not connecting:

  1. Failure at the provider: a rare but significant basis, with which the user, unfortunately, can not do anything. The only option is to call the technical support of the service provider and ask how long the connection will be out.
  2. Incorrect settings for the torrent client. For more information on how to set up the popular uTorrent, you can read here .
  3. Lack of seeders and peers.

It is the latter reason that most often happens to be the source of the problem during loading, so we will tell about it in more detail.

What to do if the torrent does not connect to peers

The first thing to do is check the availability of these peers (participants in the download process) . Their absence means that at the moment no one has laid out the file you need to distribute. You can wait for the content to appear on the tracker or choose another resource to download.

Antivirus or Windows Firewall may also be the reason that the torrent does not connect to peers. Disable protection, and instead of a firewall, download a free firewall. If you do not want to download additional programs, try adding incoming connections to the firewall exceptions. 

The reason that uTorrent does not connect to peers may be your provider, but this time it’s not about stopping the service, but about limiting P2P traffic. Some companies artificially narrow the Internet channel for torrent clients or block their work altogether. You can try to “deceive” the provider by enabling protocol encryption. This method does not always help, but it is worth trying it out. The picture below shows how to enable protocol encryption in uTorrent. 

Disable the IP filter, this will expand the circle of connected peers. You can download files not only from users of your network, but also from other participants, including from different countries.

The latest method is to restart the torrent client, it helps to eliminate failures and set up a normal file download. To do this, click “File / Exit”, and then re-launch the application.