Why uTorrent does not connect to peers

Sometimes it happens that the torrent, which, it seems, would have to start downloading, for some reason, does not want to load at all for a long time. Often, uTorrent informs the user of the torrent client that the program has no connection to peers. The reasons why this program does not connect to peers are of the following nature:

  • Problems encountered on the server, as well as the provider. In this case, the client, system or equipment is not to blame for anything, you need to wait for the operator to correct the problems, and then try to download the file you need. You can only recommend contacting your service provider to find out the situation and possible deadlines for its resolution.
  • The second reason why uTorrent does not swing is the lack of available seeds and peers. This happens often, for example, when a file is not popular, nor does it have particles to return. Such a situation the user will not be able to fix, except that the requests to “become the distribution”, addressed to the author
  • Finally, the third reason is incorrect settings. At this point, you can stop in detail, as the reason for the lack of downloading the torrent in this case, the user can fix

Correct settings

You can perform the settings in the tab with the same name, if you find in it the “Program Settings” item. In the general settings, the checkbox “Autocheck associations”, “Run minimized”, “Prohibit sleep mode” must be checked. All other points must be disabled (there should be no check marks next to them). The “Associate” item should be left on, the files themselves are determined with its help, and, if necessary, they are launched. Finally, it is recommended to put a tick next to the item with the automatic installation of updates, which will always use the latest version of the program.

As you can see, there are mainly violations in the download process for reasons beyond the control of the user. For the future, you should pay attention to it.