Zona – a popular torrent client to download a variety of multimedia content. Feature films, series, sports programs and concerts are collected in a huge database, you can’t get lost in that, thanks to a clear catalog. If you heard about this application for the first time, you should download the Zone for free and clearly see its capabilities.

The latest version of the software allows you to listen to online radio stations and audio recordings from your Vkontakte page.

Features of the Zona torrent client

  1. In addition to the title of the film, the user can search by year of release, genre or other conditions.
  2. By managing the Zone program, you can artificially limit download or upload speeds.
  3. Ability to work with the Russian version of the application.
  4. Zona has a built-in player that can play a file even at the initial stage of downloading to a computer.
  5. View more than 300 TV channels online with parallel download broadcast.
  6. After a pause, interrupted connection or power failure, the Zone program will automatically continue to load.
  7. The launch of the torrent client Zone is carried out without registration, and to execute commands, you will not need to watch the annoying commercials.

In the main window of the Zona torrent client, you will see three main sections with music, TV shows and movies. A detailed description is provided for each picture, where you can get acquainted with the plot. The list of actors is provided in the form of an interactive list: by clicking on the name of a certain hero, you can find out in which motion pictures he has shot. Users can vote and create their own rating.

The developers of the torrent client Zone have not forgotten about the segment of gamers: in a separate tab are provided online games, for which you can have a fun time.

Before you download Zona for free, we recommend that you compare the characteristics of your computer and the requirements of the program, since the discrepancy between these parameters can lead to incorrect operation.

Zona system requirements

  • processor with a clock speed of 1,800 MHz;
  • hard disk with free space of 79 MB;
  • RAM size not less than 256 MB.

* Files provided for download are available free of charge and without registration.

ZonaWindows 1032-bit (x86), 
64-bit (x64)
.exe Download
ZonaWindows 8.132-bit (x86), 
64-bit (x64)
.exe Download
ZonaWindows 732-bit (x86), 
64-bit (x64)
.exe Download
ZonaWindows xp32-bit (x86), 
64-bit (x64)
.exe Download
ZonaWindows vista32-bit (x86), 
64-bit (x64)
.exe Download
.dmg Download
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